Federated Query Processing over LifeSciences Linked Open Data


We introduce BioFed a federated query processing system customised for LifeSciences Linked Open Data Cloud. BioFed is able to federate SPARQL query overmore than 130 public SPARQL endpoints. An efficient cataloguing mechanismwhich also supports source selection makes any new public endpoint accessible forfederation through BioFed. A knowledge centred, online interface facilitateBiologists to create complex queries without writing the query manually. BioFed is also able to provide some provenience information regarding the retrieved data.

General Architecture

The following figure depicts the over all architecture of BioFed system where different components are integrated.

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Dataset Connectivity

The graph which is shown below represents different datasets which are interlinked to each other by common instances

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Queries used for experiments

We used 20 different simple & complex queries to run the experiments. Click to view all the queries

BioFed Team